Fifty shades of Grey

12 March 2015

Back to Gothenburg or "50 shades of Grey" as I have started to call it due to the dull, grey, windy and rainy weather that seems to be ever present here in my home town. "Invest in a rainjacket" they told me before I moved here. Bollocks, I'm from Skåne, I think I can handle a little rain. Oh boy, was I wrong. Nowadays I have even started to bring an umbrella with me, when I leave for work on mornings when the sun is shining. Too many a time have I been forced to walk home wet to the skin, shivering in the cold wind due to the indecisive weather, to take any more risks.

The trainee week brought some interesting assignments fitting for a future ChamIPion to be. Toni Turbine contacted us in need of some advice. Toni is the inventor of a new effective egg shell breaker which will revolutionize the egg opening business. Toni had bad experience from before when a competitor, the villain, Doughnut Duck, blatantly copied Toni's design robbing Toni of the first prize in the yearly egg opening competition in Ducktown... By now you have probably realized that this was not a real live assignment, but taken from a past Paper A of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). In order to become a European Patent Attorney, a gruesome four days of written exams awaits. As an exercise in patent application drafting, we had the opportunity to spend a whole day writing part A of a past paper and having it reviewed by a tutor. This proved a fitting challenge for us now that we are nearing the end of the trainee program.

"Don't try to be too smart!" summed up my tutor's feedback and frankly I should have known not to write to complicated claims, considering my background is in mechanical design, where the golden rule is KISS – "keep it simple, stupid".

Since writing the paper, I have decided to create my own patent claimdrafting principle, KICCS – "keep it clear and concise, stupid" –paying homage to my tutor and Art 84 of the EPC.

Per Sjöberg, Associate