In Stockholm

17 October 2014

The fourth week of the trainee program was the first one spent at the Stockholm office. This meant once again adjustment to a new environment, but primarily a great opportunity for us trainees to network and to get to know the whole company. It is always nice to be back in the capital. Awapatent's offices on Drottninggatan close to Tegnérlunden are quite pleasant, although we're told that a move to an even more central location is planned.

For a future patent attorney, acquiring the skills of drafting and prosecuting patent applications is essential. We spend most of the time on European patent applications according to the European Patent Convention, but naturally national patent law shouldn't be neglected. Swedish patent law was the subject of some exercises during Thursday and Friday.

While patent litigation is done by our skilled lawyers at Awapatent, and not by patent attorneys, it is of course useful to have some understanding of the process. Monday was spent studying Swedish procedural law, in particular how it applies to patents. A subject of quite some importance: after all, only a public court of law can declare a national patent invalid. Some exercises involving real-life cases of suits and counter-suits going through the court system gave examples on how the courts reason in their verdicts.

Karl-Johan Grahn, Associate