Welcome to Linköping

14 November 2014

How time flies! Before I could barely lift my head from the striving with all these articles, rules and guidelines, I have already spent three weeks in my home office, Linköping. Even though I would like to sigh "how sweet it is to be at home", just like my dear trainee fellows, I just couldn't. Don't get me wrong. Linköping is a cosy city and my colleagues are extremely warmhearted. It is simply because that I still got a newcomer's feel, a freshness rather than homing comforts. In fact, I moved to Linköping the day before I started at Awapatent.

I started with wandering around in Linköping with curiosity. Then I tried to figure out my daily problems, say, an apartment, a Chinese food ingredient supplier and maybe even a Friday dinner restaurant. Day after day, I get to know more of this city.

Moving to a new city is pretty much like starting a new career, I would say. It corresponds exactly with what has happened so far in our trainee program. We started with a bit of almost everything to build a preliminary but sound overview. Then we were introduced to dozens of challenges that we will work out by ourselves with bunches of helping hands. After such a great combination of theory and practice, here we are, green but ambitious. And what's next? I guess that we will just keep looking up to the role models while keeping our feet on the ground.

I actually enjoy this feeling to be new. Being curious and alert; keep humble and brave; to learn and to strive.

Indeed, I have gotten my BIG welcome! Have you?

Linlin Zheng, Associate