Establishing a solid IP structure for a start-up company

Client & background

Orbital Systems was founded in 2012 and has developed an entirely new water recycling technology. It is of particular benefit when linked to and used in domestic applications such as showers, saving up to 90 percent water and 80 percent energy. The company has grown at a rapid pace and, with the technology in place, is now ready for take-off in terms of scaling up the business internationally.

The case

Being a start-up company, Orbital Systems needed to consider all aspects of intellectual property rights for their technology. AWA has walked alongside Orbital Systems on every step of the way and our IP attorneys have worked with converting intellectual assets of the company into a strong IP portfolio involving patent, trademark and design applications and registrations. The aim has been to establish a comprehensive IP portfolio based on a carefully selected IP strategy. In the next step, this IP portfolio will serve as the foundation for Orbital Systems expansion, regardless of in what manner they choose to conduct their business – licensing agreements, partnerships, self-owned manufacturing etc.

Value for the client

Aiming for international growth, AWA's work of establishing a solid IP structure is vital for Orbital Systems and gives them a secure platform for expansion. When developing advanced new technology, well protected intellectual property rights are a prerequisite for establishing partnerships and for signing contracts with distributors, manufacturers and other partner companies. In addition, Orbital Systems now has the possibility of sharing parts of their know-how with possible partners without risking loss of control.