Community trademarks – CTM

A Community trademark, or CTM, offers trademark protection throughout the EU with one registration. Since the system went live in 1996, it has been very well received by trademark holders worldwide. All EU countries are covered by one registration, which is much cheaper than registering in each country.

A Community trademark is a strong right. It is easy and cheap to administer and allows you to let national trademark registrations expire and be replaced by a central registration for the entire EU. There is also only one right to update in terms of ownership and renewals.

It is up to a trademark holder to submit an opposition if he or she believes that a new trademark is too close to his or her Community trademark. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a monitoring service to provide proper protection for a trademark.

Awapatent’s trademark consultants have many years of experience of helping our clients create the best possible protection in line with strategic and budgetary decisions.