International trademarks

The Madrid Protocol (MP) is an international registration system for trademarks. Based on a national trademark registration (or application) you can extend your trademark rights to other countries in a relatively easy and inexpensive way.

A registration in accordance with the Madrid Protocol (MP) is called an international registration. In fact, it is a package of national trademark rights. The geographical extent of the final registration depends on the result of the application in each individual country. Nationally, it will be processed by the authorities on the same level as ordinary national applications.

The geographical extent of an international trademark can be selected among the member countries. The system is very flexible and you can deselect or select countries at any time.

The Madrid Protocol, which is managed by WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation), is cheaper than a number of national registrations obtained by traditional means, country by country.

It is also possible to deselect individual countries if insurmountable problems should arise – without it affecting the remaining designated countries.

Awapatent's lawyers will be able to help you protect your trademark internationally cost-effectively, based on your IP strategy.