Start-up services

Did you know AWA has a fantastic offer for startups?

It´s called AWA Startup Services and includes both free consulting and fixed prices in IP-services to newborn companies.

The free consulting will help you get an understanding around:

• How to protect your idea
• How to make money off your idea
• How a solid IP Strategy can help boost your growth

Besides all the insights we will also provide you with a free of charge hands-on activity plan with suggestions on how to move forward.

To apply for free consulting, send us a brief email to, containing a name, address, and one or two sentences about the product/service, and we´ll get back to you soon!

Besides AWA Startup Services, we also offer:

- IP Landscaping workshops, where we dig deeper into how to make the most out of your intellectual assets

- How to pitch IP to investors - a perfect workshop for everyone who is about to talk to investors

- Assistance and preparation when applying for IP funding

80-95% of a company's value has a direct connection to intellectual assets. Intangibles such as technology, branding, know-how, and especially IP, are essential when it comes to forming successful business strategies on a competitive global market. Let us help you make the most out of your intellectual assets!

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at!