AWA Trainees 2016 - It's a wrap!

Our final week of the trainee program has come to an end and we have transformed from AWA Trainees 2016 to AWA Alumni 2017. It feels both strange and a bit sad, but also very exciting. Although we are done with our trainee period, our education will continue back at our respective home offices, as we have only scratched the surface of the challenges facing a patent attorney. We therefore feel very lucky to be provided with important tools to commence our careers in the world of IP.

These tools have been given to us by our dedicated teachers by preparing very interesting lectures and cases for us to practise. The US patent system, licensing, and handling of large clients are some topics that have been added to our IP toolbox this week. Suitably enough, we finished the week with a deep dive into opposition and went through our first oral proceedings – acted that is. The proceedings were an intense affair, where arguments and legal details were exchanged. We had to use the full range of our technical and IP knowledge.

As we head back to our home offices, we bring the valuable IP toolbox we have acquired during this trainee program with us. We will continue to sharpen our tools by putting them to use for years to come. It is not without a bit of nostalgia that we say goodbye to each other today. We will still be “the trainees” for a few more months, but the recruitment for the next generation of trainees has already started and we will soon be welcoming them to Awapatent. We can only be happy for the next Awapatent trainees who get to form the new group as they have a truly great journey ahead!

Anna Ingebrand & Tau Bernstorff Lehmann