Final week, first application drafting, but certainly not the last beer together

A trainee week in Stockholm comprising different training courses characterized in that we had (not consisted of!), law training, search training, happy hours, application drafting, discussions and finally lots and lots of fika and sweets. We also found a method for solve the heating problem in our conference room by an electrical heating means. The Swedish trainees had Swedish patent law courses at least one day a week and the Danish trainees had Danish patent law courses at least one day a week… maybe that’s enough with the language jokes.

We got to write our first application drafts and got some individual feedback on them. It was a really big moment for all of us even if it wasn’t the real deal. Most certainly this was not the last application for us to draft, and we are really looking forward to the rest.

During the training period we have been introduced to the concept of “it depends”: The strongest weapon for a patent attorney. Every time we asked a tricky question, we would get the answer “it depends”.

Even though we’ve learnt a lot, we still had time for some social activities: learning about Danish culture through a great movie, drinking beers at a trainee’s place…

It has been five incredible weeks, during which we have been drowned in new information and learned so much IP. We are a really strong group with a lot of motivation, eagerness to learn and new ideas. We are looking forward to seeing each other again in the spring. We want to extend a great thank you to all the people involved in this part of our training!

Emil Agostini & Elin Rydberg