Patent drafts and Oktoberfest in Stockholm

After three weeks on tour, the trainee group arrived to the final destination for the first training period: Stockholm. We have now spent one out of two weeks in the lovely capital, which has given us surprisingly cold weather. Luckily, the office here gave us a very warm welcome. As always we have been given lots of sweets and fika, and this week we were also treated to an Oktoberfest after work. This gave us a chance to mingle with the Stockholm coworkers, which we all appreciated very much. Of course we also enjoyed the German beer and snacks we were served. A big thank you to everyone who was involved in organizing this!

Work wise, we started off the week by learning about search strategy; a new topic to most of us. The rest of the week has been filled with procedural law, trademark and domain names, drafting methodology and chemistry. The variety of topics is something we all enjoy, and it is a reason why we all stay enthusiastic – there is always something new and exciting to learn.

The trainees are split up and checked into different hotels in Stockholm. Some of us have even had the chance to stay at home. This means that we are now staying in seven different places in total, and the big common breakfasts are now history. The evenings have been spent in different ways: some of us have been celebrity hunting, some have been running around trying to find a single shop in Stockholm that sells jackets, and others have spent the evenings watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Quote by an anonymous trainee: ‘Watching their struggles has made the trainee program seem like a walk in the park’.

In addition to all of these activities, some time has also been spent on drafting our first patent applications. This was a challenging and fun task, and we were all satisfied once we had filed them. Whether our supervisor for this assignment will be satisfied or not, we will find out next week. Fingers crossed!

Sofie Ludvigsson and Petter Lindgren