Yes we (Ali)can(te)!*

*No dr Alban fans were harmed or injured in the
making of this blog post

The fourth week of the trainee programme took place in beautiful Benidorm (close to Alicante), Spain, and no one was complaining! Here we got to know the rest of the employees at AWA in a very nice setting. Amidst all the sunbathing, laughing and refreshing beverages, the AWA management team also presented our new vision and strategy moving forward. And as we all know, with a new vision comes workshops and team building, of which the latter will go down as one of the most invigorating moments in corporate history, but more on that later.

We, the spoiled trainees, were during this trip treated with not only a (at this point standard) big hotel breakfast, but also with splendid lunch buffets and luxurious multi-course dinners with great company. A sigh of relief was however let out by the group when realising that no candy was forced upon us during the week, thus giving our poor teeth and hearts a short break from the sweetness overload also known as “The Trainee Programme”. The amazing (real) food gave us all lots of energy to socialise and be part of the conference!
Several dedicated speakers, both internal and external, gave inspiring lectures throughout the trip boosting great discussions and engaging us all. One morning we also had the pleasure of participating in a team building exercise involving both dancing and drumming. To put it mildly, this was an experience to remember, and, needless to say, some AWA staff got more rhythm than others (no names mentioned, of course, but engineers dancing, need we say more?). The drumming session ended with a massage train, which was very appreciated (being on the receiving end, that is).

On the last night we celebrated AWA’s 120th anniversary, and despite the heavy rains that had followed us from the north (apparently the rain Gods did not appreciate our drumming) the mood was on top! No stormy clouds in the world could dim the light of all our proud Awa faces. Tapas, beer, sirloin, more beer, ice cream, and before we knew it, everyone was on the dance floor. Those who were not singing along to Abba’s greatest hits were at the open bar, talking, laughing, and making new friends. Was it the record breaking 8-0 victory for the Swedish football team, the open bar, or simply the joy of being a part of such a great company that made this a glorious night? Well, all we know for sure is that this was an evening consisting only of happy faces.

The morning after however, the venue was filled with, should we say not so happy faces? This was all due to the trip coming to an end, and had no correlation whatsoever with the fact that the bar the night before had ran out of Cava and beer glasses. (Weird coincidence, am I right?!) Everyone surely felt a bit sad to leave such breathtaking surroundings and hot weather, but for us trainees the feeling was perhaps even more intense. During our first weeks together, we have definitely become a tight group and after this trip it’s even more clear to us that we are very lucky to have become a part of the AWA tribe! That being said, let’s not forget about our superb tribe leader Magnus, who during this trip showed a leadership and genuine engagement for the company that left us all inspired and proud to be a part of the Awa family.

Finally, a big shout out to everyone involved in planning this trip and the trainee programme so far, and to cite one of our Danish trainee colleagues:

“I think I’ve laughed more than I’ve learned, and I have really learned a lot!”

Viktoria Klemedtson Elerud & Stina Andåker