The end of an era

16 October 2015

Five weeks of training have now come to an end and we are, more or less, ready and eager to get back to our home offices and get our hands dirty. These weeks have been interesting, our five weeks of intense IP training have also been taxing and most of us are quite exhausted.

So, what happens now? On Monday, we will all return to our respective home offices and get to work on real client cases. Most of us already have some client meetings booked, an application to draft or a report to write upon our return. Even though we are still very new to the field of IP, we think we speak for everyone when we say that we all know a whole lot more than we did five weeks ago, so it will be nice to test our newly acquired knowledge on some real IP work.

One thing that will be very challenging is the fact that from now on, there will be no more candy, cinnamon buns and/or doughnuts delivered to us on a daily basis. During these five weeks, we have all been spoiled by the training department and our fantastic receptionists at the three offices. It will be tough to deal with this change, but we will have to manage.

Another thing that will be tough to deal with is the fact that we will not be able to meet with our fellow trainees with the same regularity. However, we all look forward to meet again sometime in the beginning of 2016 for the next education block.

Getting to practice our newfound skills on real cases will come as a welcome breath of fresh air! The first education block of the Trainee programme has given us the tools we need, and now it is up to us to put those tools to good use.

Over and out!

Max & Daniel